Friday, January 16, 2009

Hokkaido Venison "Ossobuco"

January 16th,
Winter got pretty hard in Hokkaido, lot of snow,
and really cold.
Venison meat stew with polenta, or his chops grilled with fresh herbs and extravergin olive oil will be the topics to go over this uncomfortable weather.

We are getting ready for tomorrow,
january 17th the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ITALIAN CUISINE, a world wide event organized
by www.itchefs-gvc an association of italian Chefs working all around the World.

This event was born to pro
mote authentic italian food to preserve our traditions and also to protect
customers right to get what they pay for, when go to eateries labelled as Italian, that is, authentic and quality Italian cuisine.

This year tema will be "Risotto alla Milanese", world wide known safran risotto.
All ingredients are ready, and we will offer different ways to enjoy this Italian Gourmet preparation:
"Simply Real Risotto alla Milanese" Vialone rice from Ferron Farm,
safran, Fresh Butter, Onion, Sprinkle of white wine and real Chicken and beef bones Broth, finished with Grana Padano cheese and Veal mallow saute`.
Also "Risotto alla Milanese & ..." will satisfy guests looking for a complete meal surfing italian taste, where Risotto Milanese will be served beside "Ossobuco with Gremolata" a shank slice stewed with vegetable and tomatoes, finished with Gremolata, a dressing based on lemon, herbs, garlic and ...
Italian tradion say Ossobuco is made from Veal shank, unfortunately we cannot get it here in Northern Japan, and we will use young venison shank instead, wild one provided by our Super Hunter Mr. M......i !!
Come tomorrow to enjoy this authentic Risotto, we will be happy to introduce You to real italian food.

From 12:00 noon to Midnight at WINE BAR Giulio Vierci,
for Reservations (011)271-5923.

Ciao !!!!

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