Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fantastic !!!

January 18th,

A beautiful Day.
All our guests enjoy this "Risotto alla Milanese", traditional recipe with Ox Marrow,
and just ten lucky gourmet had beside it an Hokkaido Venison Ossobuco with Gremolata.
Thanks to It Chefs - GVCI ( real italian taste are arriving on worldwide tables.

Mrs. and Mr. Uematsu open the "Risotto Ola"
Mr Uematsu is a big fun of Italy, and he love travel in My country alone !!!

Thanks a lot to all of You,
has been a pleasure for us have You here tonight.
A special Thanks to Joh Sasaki, 
(enjoing his risotto at the table ) 
who join us after his "Signatue Book event" at Kinokunya.
I hope Your new book "Keitan no Monshou" will be a success, as all Your other opera !!!
We are very honored to be mentioned in your Novel.

The Trio, who entratain also us 
during a wine marathon, 
Dr. Matsubara, Mrs Mieko and Denis Quinn, australian movie director and University professor here in Sapporo.
Thanks to Andrea, Chef of Armani Restaurant in Tokyo - Ginza, who introduce us to this wonderful people.

We couldn't close better this event then serve
Risotto and ossobuco to my great friend and 
best guest since I live in Hokkaido,
Dr. Suzuki, the "Gourmet"
who come strait here from Otaru,
after work all day.

Hope to see You again for next event !!!  Stay tuned !


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